Detailed simulations for advanced control strategies

SIMBAD 5 is a Matlab/Simulink component library dedicated to the modelling and dynamic simulation of fully equipped buildings. If you are working on development and test of controllers or control strategies for HVAC, shading or lighting systems, conception, sizing or optimisation of HVAC systems, test of real components via "hardware in the loop", then SIMBAD 5 can be useful.

The SIMBAD Toolbox

SIMBAD (SIMulator of Building And Devices) is the first HVAC toolbox for the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. The toolbox provides a large number of ready to use HVAC models and related utilities. This toolbox, in connection with other existing toolboxes (Neural network, fuzzy logic, optimisation), will offer a very powerful and efficient tool for the applications listed above. The toolbox is made up of 11 groups of models and utilities and 1 group of examples of installations with various HVAC heating or cooling systems



21. 12. 10
SIMBAD User Group
The SIMBAD User Group has been reactivated ! See the User Group page for details.
17. 12. 10
SIMBAD at SSB 2010
Advances of the future version (SIMBAD 6) towards software interconnection in building simulation have been presented at SSB 2010 conference in Liege, Belgium. See the Publications page for details.


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